Thursday, December 20, 2012

Birdhouses for Beginners

Seven Oaks is the blog for people who kill plastic plants...and it's also for those new to all aspects of gardening, including birdfeeding and bird watching, which I think goes hand-in-hand (or maybe wing-in-wing?) with gardening. As I mentioned in a previous post, feeding the birds during the winter months provides me with some much-needed and refreshing outdoor time. Seeing the beautiful birds with their quick antics never fails to intrigue me.  I love watching birds and have seen some amazing things just by pausing for a few moments and taking the time to watch them. One day, we saw a hawk chased by crows, and realized it was one of pair guarding a nest near the edge of our property; one hawk was drawing the crows away from the nest, while the other remained to guard it.  We've had mockingbird babies tumbled out of the nest and discovered inches away from lawn mower blades; thank goodness they were spotted in time to move them out of harm's way.  And of course, who can forget the nest built on the ceiling fan blades on our front porch; my husband always jokes that being raised in that nest must feel like a perpetual ride on a carnival tilt-a-whirl, at least until he came up with the idea to duct-tape the fan blades to the porch ceiling.  We've watched bluebirds fledge from the nest boxes, and listened to various owls and whippoorwills calling in the night skies on our farm.

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Happy gardening!

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